Did you see Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress? Love it or hate it. you have to give her credit where credit is due for its uniqueness and originality. When it comes to celebrity weddings, it doesn’t get much bigger than that of Hollywood A’ List couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. As a wedding blogger I tend to avoid jumping on the celebrity band wagon but I really wanted to talk to you about Angelina’s wedding gown.


So why am I dedicating an entire feature blog to Angelina Jolie Pitt? Good question. Well, aside from stating the obvious, she is rich, she is beautiful and she appears to have it all, (not that I’m envious) but in all seriousness, what I do love most about Angelina is her sense of identity and self-expression.

  1. Is she aware that is she a Hollywood icon? Yes she is.
  2. Is she aware that she regularly features on magazine covers and ranks highly on the Forbes rich list? Yes she is.
  3. But she is also aware of the fact that she is a humanitarian, a goodwill ambassador and importantly, she is a mother.

For several months now, there has been much speculation about the type of wedding dress Angelina Jolie would wear and the designer she would choose to create her gown. Whilst she has been known in the past for her strange obsession with knives, tattoos, drug addiction, kissing her brother James Haven and wearing a vile of blood around her neck while married to Billy Bob Thornton. This Hollywood wild child has been tamed, transforming herself and her style over the years from goth to glamour.

Gothic Angelina

Angelina Glamour

Despite the speculations and media frenzy, I don’t believe for a single second that anyone, not even the most avid fashion pundit expected or could have predicted the wedding dress that was unveiled to us on the cover of People/Hello magazine, as it hit our newsstands this week. When I first saw the dress I thought “Wow!”- not because it was particularly breath taking but because I understood exactly what Angelina Jolie was trying to achieve and my word did she succeed in achieving just that! It was no surprise at all that she chose a wedding dress designed by Atelier Versace, which beautifully incorporated scribbles and doodled drawings by her six children. (What better way to keep the whole family entertained?)


If you are familiar with my previous blogs “What your wedding dress says about you” or Berta Bridal, then you will understand why I frequently talk about the importance of adding personal touches to your special day.What is extraordinary about this dress is the simplicity of the satin design with its spaghetti straps, yet it has been combined with an elaborate and cleverly embroidered veil, that only a woman with the same level of charisma and confidence that Angelina Jolie has, could pull off this creation. Love it or hate it. You cannot take anything away from it and all credit to Angelina Jolie Pitt for presenting us with this unique expression of who she is and what she is about.

For me, this dress wins hands down every time, I absolutely love it. Angelina’s wedding dress is by far the best example of how to personalise your day and make it special for you and your loved one by embracing all of the things that matter to you the most.