June 2015

Groom Styling

If you are looking for ideas on styling your groom/groomsmen then you've come to the right place. Just over 12 months ago we wrote our very first groom style guide, which you can read right here.  Back then we asked the question as to why it was that grooms seemed reluctant to experiment with their style? Fast [...]

May 2015

For every great wedding, there is a great theme.

We are here with yet another blog packed full of amazing ideas and inspiration for your big day. We are always on the look out for the next big thing and as we discovered Pantone has just announced that Marsala is the "colour of the year" for 2015! We have seen this colour done many times on [...]

March 2015

Spring has Sprung! -Style Watch Spring 2015

  Spring is here at last! A time when every thing appears to spring back to life, with a fresh feeling of all things bright and new again! Spring is a time to experience nature at its very best, with that in mind, a spring wedding would be the perfect way to start your very own new beginning.  This month's “trend [...]

January 2015

Unique Wedding Venues

Thank you for taking time out to read our first blog of 2015, we shall be looking at unique wedding venues and bringing you up to date with new ideas and exciting ways to celebrate your wedding day in style. The inspiration for this blog is taken from this image of a wedding, which took [...]

November 2014

Picture Perfect

This month I’m going to be talking about Wedding Photography and interviewing International Wedding Photographer Bandele Zuberi.  So if like me, you have fallen out of love with those classic wedding portraits and you are looking for new ways to capture and create perfect memories for your big day, then this blog is for you! Here is an [...]

October 2014

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

Have you ever wondered where the saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” comes from and what it actually means? Well for all you traditionalists, you may be pleased to know that this popular wedding tradition originates right here in UK. It dates back to Victorian England, when brides would try to ensure [...]

September 2014

A Family Affair: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Dream Wedding Day

Did you see Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress? Love it or hate it. you have to give her credit where credit is due for its uniqueness and originality. When it comes to celebrity weddings, it doesn't get much bigger than that of Hollywood A’ List couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. As a wedding blogger I [...]

May 2014

Perfectly You: Four Steps to finding your dream Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping can be a huge event in itself and quite rightly so, who can ignore the feeling of great excitement and anticipation that comes with trying to find the perfect dress for your dream day? The real challenge is finding the right dress to suit your body type, so here is a little helping [...]

March 2014

“A Bit of Berta” – Introducing Berta Bridal

This is a follow up to my first blog “What your wedding dress says about you?” When I first started my own wedding planning company, my goal was to make wedding planning as easy as possible. I wanted to inspire readers of my blogs to create their own unique wedding experience, which would be memorable [...]

January 2014

Suits you Sir! -Styling Your Groom

Question: If the bride sets herself apart from her bridesmaids is it taboo if the groom does the same to avoid looking as though he is in a boy band with his groomsmen? Surely, the groom deserves recognition also, is it not his day in as much as it is hers? Perhaps, there is an unwritten rule [...]