This is a follow up to my first blog “What your wedding dress says about you?” When I first started my own wedding planning company, my goal was to make wedding planning as easy as possible. I wanted to inspire readers of my blogs to create their own unique wedding experience, which would be memorable to them for all the right reasons. When choosing your wedding dress, I think it is important to choose a dress that is a statement of who you are as a person. Having inspired many others to find their perfect style, this month I’m going to put myself in the frame. In my quest to find the perfect dress, I was looking for a designer whose creations  best captured my personality. I wanted something that would showcase me and represent how I view myself. Without further hesitation, I would like to introduce you all to Berta Bridal:

Berta Bridal


There are so many amazing wedding dress designers out there and some of my favourites include Suzanne Neville, Justin Alexander, Maggie Sottero and Caroline Castigilano, their creations are timeless and so exquisite in detailing, that I never get tired of talking about them. But in terms of picking a particular style, I chose Berta Bridal because I felt her designs closely reflects the type of person that I am.

Admittedly, the way we present ourselves does depend on the environment that we find ourselves in. Our persona in a professional working environment may differ from our behaviour at home. Needless to say we all have signature traits and characteristics that underpin who we are and these rarely change regardless of our surroundings.

For me, my signature trait is “Composure”

Composure meaning: The state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself, self-possession, self-command, equanimity, equilibrium, calm, collected, cool, poise, impassivity….

Throughout my life, composure is a word that my family, friends and work colleagues have frequently used to describe me and I’m actually inclined to agree with them. When I came across Berta Bridal, a wedding designer hailing from Israel-I could barely contain my excitement because within her collection I felt sure that I would find my signature wedding dress.

The creativity of Berta’s designs defines “composure”- I see the word composure personified in her work. Her attention to detail and craftsmanship embodies everything that is associated with self-control, self-command, presence and poise with a high level of cool and collected calmness that is tangible throughout. What I love is the powerful statement that is made by each bridal piece in her collection. 

The intricate mix of delicate fabrics such as lace and satin, the understated drama of each design and the chemistry of mixing contrasting looks and fabrics together to great effect. A simple wedding dress silhouette is bolstered by bold, dramatic plunging necklines, extravagant trains and sleeves with detailed beading and embroidery. Each design is very complicated yet simplistic, all at the same time.

This is exactly the type of woman that I am, Yes- indeed! As a woman, of course I’m naturally complicated, but at the same time I am  delicate. I am very calm and laid back, rarely am I fazed by anything that I put my mind to.

The Bellowing Bishop Sleeve


The Exposed Back Detail

Exposed Back

Back Detail

There is so much going on with these dresses, so much that catches the eye, yet Berta manages to restrict and reign everything in with such finesse by carefully contouring and paneling each constructed piece. What’s there not to love? Each design promotes a sense of ease, romance, elegance, class and sensuality. They create a swan like feeling of gliding with grace across the surface of water, while the webbed feet beneath the surface work hard to maintain the composure that is seen.

This describes my personality to a tee. My cool, calm and very controlled exterior hides well the busy internal activity within me. The sense of ease, balance and composure is something I have achieved through years of regular yoga practice, which is extremely useful in my challenging line of work as a wedding planner. In this job I have to remain calm and in control at all times regardless of whatever else is going on around me. I should also mention that my star sign is Virgo, Virgo’s like myself; are perfectionists, they are hard-working and very meticulous in everything that they do.

A Berta dress works hard without seeming to do so, they are feminine and very flattering. Her Bridal collection is perfection and I get complete satisfaction in knowing that I don’t have to do much else in order to look amazing. The wear-ability factor is very appealing, I’m not going to be left gasping for air or feeling uncomfortable as a result of stiff corsetry or under wiring, and when it comes to hair/ make-up, I am not required to do a great deal. Neither, do I have to be overly concerned with accessories.

Minimalism and simplicity of styling is right up my street, I can relax and let my dress do the talking because these dresses really do speak for themselves. View her full collection at