Wedding dress shopping can be a huge event in itself and quite rightly so, who can ignore the feeling of great excitement and anticipation that comes with trying to find the perfect dress for your dream day? The real challenge is finding the right dress to suit your body type, so here is a little helping hand.

dress fitting

The experience may be filled with endless trips to countless bridal shops, followed by a tireless and intricate process of elimination, which can take months and months of trying on various styles/designs before you eventually find the wedding dress of your dreams.

But take heart, here are a few things that you should take into account during your search:

* Calculate Your Wedding Dress Budget

* Your Body Type

* Wedding Dress Style/Silhouette

* Wedding Dress Fabric

Before you get started, you need to determine exactly how much of your wedding budget you intend to spend on your dress? For those with a simple budget there are a number of high street bridal shops like Berketex and Formal Affair, where you can scoop yourself a bargain. If you can afford to splash out then maybe a designer bridal shop like the Wedding Club or a wedding boutique like Platinum Bridal is more to your liking? Whatever, your preference do keep a mental checklist of your maximum spend, although it may surprise you how quickly things change once you start visiting bridal shops and trying dresses on.

Step 1~ Knowing your body type is key to understanding your body and knowing what works best for you. We all have hang ups about our bodies, so there may be certain areas that we are particularly conscious about and prefer to hide but by the same token we may have favourable assets that we would like to showcase and accentuate. These are some of the things you should think about.

Body Types

Step 2~ Wedding Dress Silhouette: This goes back to the first point about understanding your body type and knowing what works best for you. You may already have a preferred silhouette in mind but we advice that you keep an open mind about your options, try on a number of different styles because you may be pleasantly surprised. Oft times, it is the silhouette that you least expect to work that turns out to be the one, which compliments your body best.

Dress Sihouette

Step 3~ Wedding Dress Neckline: This is an important feature to bear in mind too, because not only will it influence the overall look and presentation of your dress. It can also determine the way you style your hair and the accessories you select to accompany your gown.


Step 4~ Wedding dress Fabric: The material/fabric of your dress is a key factor depending on the time of year and the location of your nuptials. The weight of your dress may restrict movement and with more British couples exchanging their vows overseas in hotter climates, this is something to bear in mind. As a general rule of thumb for beach weddings lighter fabrics such as chiffon or organza would be advisable but ultimately the choice is down to individual preference and what the bride feels most comfortable wearing.

In terms of wedding dress shopping, always give yourself enough time to find exactly the type of dress that you are looking for. Please do factor in the waiting time that it may take for your dress to arrive in store after it has been ordered, in some cases this can take between 12-28 weeks.  You also have to make allowance for fittings and any alterations that may need to be made to your dress. If you are still unsure and would like more useful tips/advice, then why not check out our previous blog What your wedding dress says about you.