Happy New Year, 2016 is here and we are excited to see what the start of the new wedding season has in store for us, but before then, let’s remind ourselves of some of the amazing wedding trends of the past year.

Vintage Wedding Theme

Honestly, we never tire of seeing this theme because it is classically beautiful. When it is done and done perfectly, vintage has a real timeless quality that can never be overdone.


Rustic Wedding Theme

The beauty of rustic is in the simplicity and organic nature of this wedding theme. The outdoorsy, back to nature feel and its earthy colour tones, is what makes this style a firm favourite and best of all, it can easily be recreated or personalised to suit any wedding budget.


Blush Wedding Theme

Again like the vintage and rustic themes that we have seen, the blush wedding colour palette is very delicate, consisting of light pastel tones. It is fresh, stylistically simple and very easy on the eye.



Well there you have it, whatever your style preference, there is a wedding theme to suit every taste! The important thing is choosing a theme that reflects who you are as a couple and embodies the type of memories you want to create for your special day. When choosing your colour scheme or theme be sure to create a style pin-board with ideas of everything you have in mind. Allocate sufficient funds to the styling of your venue because this is an integral part of creating the right mood and ambiance for your wedding day, as well as leaving your guests with a lasting impression.

When it’s all said and done, your memories are a keep sake that will last you a life time. So make it special for you and your loved ones.