If you are looking for ideas on styling your groom/groomsmen then you’ve come to the right place. Just over 12 months ago we wrote our very first groom style guide, which you can read right here.  Back then we asked the question as to why it was that grooms seemed reluctant to experiment with their style? Fast forward to 2016, low and behold, it’s almost as though the gods from up above have answered our very prayers.

Here are our picks of top Groom Trends that WE LOVE!

1) High Contract: Set yourself apart from the rat pack.



2) Relaxed Casual, this effortless – back to basics, ease of styling, gets an absolute YES and thumbs up.



3) The Distinguished Gentleman, Tweed Suits are the ultimate statement of class and distinction.


4) Fifty Shades of Grey is so last year… Say “hello” to coloured suits!



5) Accessories, from cravats to boutonnieres, shoes, bow ties and hats- don’t forget to complement your style with the right accessories and complete your overall look.


Remember, when it comes to the rule book on Groom styling, there are NO RULES! The key to achieving the best groom style is finding one that showcases your personality and makes an accurate statement of who you are. Go on break the mould, take risks and try something different. Have fun with it and most of all be willing to experiment with your style.